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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Eternal

The Ultimate Team Up

Power Ranger Eternal
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This is the home to an RPG of Power Rangers from all series. What happens when the ultimate evil of Chaotica threatens to take over the Earth? The Power Rangers must band together in order to save the world and protect their respective cities...

Okay well, in order to join please send an e-mail to noodle@roddenberry.com with the Subject: MMPR Eternal Application - and the following info:

Name or Nickname:
OOC Journal:
Character Applying For:
Short Description of Character:

By position I mean are they the Blue Zeo Ranger? Or the Pink Time Force Ranger? Here is a list of possible rangers, you can go ahead and app for another ranger from one of the other series but I'd like to start by filling these slots...also if accepted, then I would like to see people make IC Journals for their characters as a way to look at what is happening after events and look into the thought process of the character:

Jason (Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger)
Kimberly (Pink Pterodactyl Ranger) - kimberlyhart
Zak (Black Mastodon Ranger)
Billy (Blue Triceratops Ranger)
Trini (Yellow Sabretooth Tiger Ranger)
Tommy (White Tiger Ranger) - tommywhteranger

MMPR Season 2:
Rocky (Red Ape Ranger)
Adam (Black Frog Ranger)
Aisha (Yellow Bear Ranger)
Kat (Pink Crane Ranger)