Kimberly Hart (ex_kimberly) wrote in mmpreternal,
Kimberly Hart


I walked around the park, looking about as I did. There wasn't much to see, just some flowers and birds. The occasional person would pass by, but not very often. "I remember when I was here before, in town. It was so cool. being a Power Ranger was the best time. Tough, but the best. I wonder how everyone's doing. Too bad my plans didn't work as well as I'd wanted them too.", I thought. I regretted that last competition. It was my last, because I lost it, and I never went back to gymnastics ever since. I sat down on a bench, the sky was clear and the sun shown down on my face. Not a dark cloud in sight. "God, I love it here. I miss it so much. There's so much that I miss. Everything.", I thought nostalgicly. Just enjoying the fresh air, I turned around to see a guy laying on the ground. he had short, spiked brown hair and little glasses. "Hmm, nice ass. Wonder who he is." I commented quietly. Who would have known that he was Tommy.
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