Kimberly Hart (ex_kimberly) wrote in mmpreternal,
Kimberly Hart

There's Just Too Much That Time Cannot Erase

"Oh no. He knows it's me. Why did I come back here?" I thought. What should she do, what could she do. She wanted very much to just run away and hide.or even to not talk at all. But, what a rude person she'd be there. "Just act nature, cool, calm, casual." I reassured myself. "Tommy? Tommy Oliver? Oh wow. It's good to see you." I said, trying to seem calm and not freaking out. "Um, I just got back into town. Just wanted to see what the place made of itself, I guess." I said. "My god, I'm so cheesy. I came back to see him, but now I think I shouldn't have. I'm not ready. It's too much. I need to say a few more lines, then make up so excuse to get out of here. Back to the hotel." I thought nervously.
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